Relay Teams
Team Make-Up

  • Each relay is made up of two runners--no more, no less.

    • Male/Male

    • Female/Female

    • Male/Female

  • For student relay teams BOTH runners must be students to qualify for the student registration rate.

  • Relay runners run the same course as the individual runners.

  • The relay exchange zone is near the 7 mile mark.

  • Both runners wear a bib number (the same number for both runners) that have timing chips attached.

  • The bibs are marked for who wears the 1st bib and 2nd bib.

  • The 1st runner captures the starting time; the 2nd runner captures the finishing time.

  • Relay split times are not captured.

Getting to the Exchange Zone
  • The relay exchange zone is about a 10-minute walk from the start/finish line.

  • Walking maps will be distributed at race registration/packet pick-up or you can download one here.

  • After the race starts, the Leg 2 runner walks to the relay exchange zone to wait for their partner.

  • After Leg 1 completes their leg, walk back to the finish area to cheer on your partner at the finish.

  • There is a porta-potty nearby the exchange zone.

Time Cut-off

This is not a walking event!

To ensure the safety of our runners and volunteers and to re-open closed roads, there will be a time cut off. If a runner hasn’t reached the 7 mile mark by 10:30 a.m., we cannot guarantee support through the remainder of the course–meaning aid stations will close, you will not be officially timed, and the sweep vehicle will move up to the next runner.  Runners may be asked to remove themselves from the course or be picked up by the sweep vehicle.